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Successful Businesses Use Third Party Warehousing

By using warehousing to handle the logistics aspect of your business, you can allow your resources to be used to facilitate more business growth instead, while knowing that your product is being properly handled and shipped to your customers. Successful Businesses Use Third Party Warehousing, by putting this priority in the hands of a third party that is specialized in handling it, you can allow your focus to be on the development of your business.

Freeing Up Time and Resources

In order for a business to succeed, there are many different facets that need to be developed. From product development to manufacturing, marketing, distribution, logistics, customer service and more, it can simply overwhelm a business to attempt to handle all of these aspects in-house. By delegating the responsibility of logistics over to a third party, valuable time and resources can then be spent on building more or better products and marketing those to potential customers. Processing orders needs to be a priority, as the product needs to reach a customer as soon as possible.


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TVI selected for this year’s FCAInnovate hosted by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles


IMG_0091 (1)On Sep. 20th, TVI Logistics had the pleasure of participating in FCAInnovate 2017. We were 1 of 12 companies in the automotive industry selected to present at this year’s session hosted by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles!

Our team had the extraordinary opportunity to highlight our value proposition and innovative logistics solutions to decision makers of over 150 Tier High Focus suppliers, senior managers and buyers, Tier 1 M/WBE and Veteran-owned businesses.

This upbeat “Shark-Tank” style atmosphere enabled companies to showcase their business model and products in a fresh and creative way, within a strict and exciting five-minute-pitch timeline.

We applaud the FCA Purchasing Team for this creative project which proved to be very convenient, direct and effective!

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TVI hosts a import/export seminar at Chrysler Headquarters

TVI hosts a import/export seminar at Chrysler Headquarters

This month, the TVI Logistics team had the opportunity to host a seminar teaching automotive suppliers  “How to Reduce Your Total Landed Costs” at the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Headquarters (FCA) located in Aurburn Hills, Michigan.

This hour-long session was lead by our Director of Business Development, Axel Cooley, where she highlighted how TVI can serve to significantly decrease Customs Duties & Fees, Customs clearance time, and inventory costs to improve profitability. A combination of Top Level Purchasing / Supply Chain and Logistics Management team members attended.

If you missed this important workshop, we are more than happy to host a special session at your headquarters for you and your team. Contact the TVI Team at for more information!

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TVI Logistics featured on Corp! Magazine. Helping companies reduce importing / exporting costs

Be sure to check out our 4-page feature on this month’s issue of Corp! Magazine. TVI Logistics featured on Corp! Magazine. Helping companies reduce importing/exporting costs. Our remarkable team -TVI Logistics [U.S. Foreign-Trade Zone #70]- embarked on a mission with the State of Michigan, Macomb County, and Baker Tilly, to host a special seminar on how Michican businesses can reduce their total landed costs by incorporating a public Foreign-Trade Zone into their supply chain.

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TVI Logistics, Your Supply Chain Management Company

In a supply chain, which exists to move goods from one point to another, no factor is more important than how goods are physically transported. Because how goods are transported is the most important part of a supply chain, nothing would alter the industry as much as a change in the transportation of goods. Driverless vehicles, specifically, are close to being the next big thing in supply chain management—and there’s historic precedent to believe they will greatly disrupt the industry. That’s why TVI Logistics, Your Supply Chain Management Company, we help companies make an impact.

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TVI Logistics Specializes in Logistics, Distribution and Air Freight Services

Right Time, Right Place: The Basics of Air Freight

There is an old saying among planners with military backgrounds – amateurs focus on strategy and tactics, while professionals focus on logistics. Those planners have learned through many years of experience that modern armies don’t function without the supplies and support that let them do their job. In other words, you can have the best strategy in the world along with unbeatable tactics, but if you can’t get food and fuel to the right place at the right time, none of that matters. TVI Logistics Specializes in Logistics, Distribution and Air Freight Services.

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Advantages of Hiring a Third Party Logistics Provider

There are many Advantages of Hiring a Third Party Logistics Provider to manage your firm’s supply chain and logistics: time, reliability, flexibility, and cash savings, to name just a few. How can they do this? Specialist skills and resources, industry connections, and the delivery of a comprehensive solution to the assembly, packing, storage, and distribution of your goods. Read on to see precisely how a third party logistics provider would benefit you. 

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