Do you need to maximize your floor space, decrease lead times, and reduce overall inventory levels to optimize your production output and reduce operational expense? Are you looking for a way to diversify your spending with a certified minority/veteran-owned company? TVI Logistics can help you achieve those goals with our quality Kitting and Sequencing services.

With our value-added kitting service, expensive part commingling and labor-intensive line procedures become a thing of the past. Our service involves receiving, sorting, and stocking your automotive parts in our secure warehouse. Our highly-trained staff of pickers and packagers then group your items in kits according to your assembly specifications and perform comprehensive quality checks to ensure accuracy. You tell us what you need for which kit, the quantity needed, and we’ll make sure that your kits are delivered precisely when and where you need them.

Sequencing involves delivering your items in accordance with your production schedule through EDI, secure internet, or broadcast pulse reception. Sequenced Parts Delivery (SPD) or Just-in-Sequence (similar to Just-in-Time) replenishment helps you manage your assembly processes so that you can focus on uninterrupted production. We deliver your items as customized pack-in-sequence shipments that minimize your labor costs.

As a value-added service, our third-party kitting and sequencing processes employ lean methodologies so that you get the parts you need, exactly when you need them. And, our commitment to safety, experienced personnel, and dedicated quality controls make TVI Logistics a leader in shipping solutions for every size production model.

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