Allow us to provide all the documentation and manage the logistical challenges this type of work involves.

freight_forwardingFreight forwarding is the coordination and preparation of goods as they travel from one point to another. Whether it be national or international, TVI gets your merchandise and commodities from manufacturers and producers to customers, retail outlets and markets with accurate data management, administrative support and creative expertise. We will undertake the freight forwarding of anything from boxed goods to manufactured goods. Cargo may be shipped by air, rail, road transport or sea, or a combination of all four, and we make sure your merchandise is moved in an efficient, safe, secure and cost-effective manner.

TVI does not physically move your merchandise, but sees to all the complicated and often confusing official procedures involved in transporting merchandise around the country or overseas. Various countries have their own rules, regulations and tariffs; our extensive experience in the freight forwarding field has given us the expertise to deal with any issues that may arise.

Let TVI take the load off your shoulders and freight forward all your goods for you in a timely fashion. Use our knowledge for your benefit by simply giving us a call at 586-563-8000 or send us a message by visiting our “Contact Us” page.

Tasks undertaken by TVI may include:

  • Ascertaining and booking the best routes, methods of transport and cargo space
  • Preparing all necessary documentation, including bills of lading, house air waybills, export and import declarations and commercial invoices
  • Negotiating freight and insurance charges
  • Clearing imports and exports through customs
  • Tracking goods
  • Filing insurance claims