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Successful Businesses Use Third Party Warehousing

By using warehousing to handle the logistics aspect of your business, you can allow your resources to be used to facilitate more business growth instead, while knowing that your product is being properly handled and shipped to your customers. Successful Businesses Use Third Party Warehousing, by putting this priority in the hands of a third party that is specialized in handling it, you can allow your focus to be on the development of your business.

Freeing Up Time and Resources

In order for a business to succeed, there are many different facets that need to be developed. From product development to manufacturing, marketing, distribution, logistics, customer service and more, it can simply overwhelm a business to attempt to handle all of these aspects in-house. By delegating the responsibility of logistics over to a third party, valuable time and resources can then be spent on building more or better products and marketing those to potential customers. Processing orders needs to be a priority, as the product needs to reach a customer as soon as possible.


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TVI Logistics’ Community Involvement, Leadership & Influence

TVI Logistics’ Community Involvement, Leadership & Influence is a long-standing corporate objective and strives hard to make a difference. To this end, we are involved with multiple entities within our community to do our part in facilitating positive change. This includes:

Association of U.S. Army


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TVI Logistics, Woman-Owned Logistics And Transportation Michigan

Ms Constance BlairFor over 25 years, TVI Logistics has provided custom fulfillment and shipping solutions to clients around the world. Constance Blair is the founder of TVI Logistics, Woman-Owned Logistics And Transportation Michigan and has been an integral part of our ongoing success and we are proud be a certified woman/minority/service disabled veteran-owned business. 

Ms. Constance Blair serves as Chief Executive Officer and President of Technology Ventures, Inc., Evergreen Ventures, TVI Logistics & TVI Supply. She served as liaison, at the Pentagon, between Army and Air Force staff and DOD employees with the members of diplomatic staffs.

Under Ms. Blair’s leadership, TVI has earned a reputation for excellence and innovation and has received National recognition and has been featured in numerous publications. In fact, TVI was recognized as the #9 Veteran owned company in the US.

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TVI Logistics Is Invited To Visit South Korea To Meet Automotive Suppliers

fsTVI Logistics Is Invited To Visit South Korea To Meet Automotive Suppliers and expresses great gratitude to the Government of South Korea for inviting us to their remarkable nation to specifically meet with Korean automotive suppliers in the city of Seoul.

The line up of diligent companies in Goyang was impressive and extremely well-organized. Our team was delighted to teach suppliers how to facilitate logistics between US and Korea, while reducing total landed costs. We made great business connections and are very pleased to serve as a helpful resource to Korean auto suppliers to facilitate imports and exports through the use of our Public Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) and leveraging our cost effective transportation rates. Our bonded warehouse, re-packaging, distribution and assembly services can certainly prove useful to Korean auto suppliers entering the US market.

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