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Specialized Project Management Services in Warren, Michigan

Complementing our Specialized Shipment services, TVI boasts an in-house Specialized Project Management team. Our Specialized Project Management Services in Warren, Michigan includes:

  • Budgetary & Final Cost Analysis
  • Transportation Plan identifying the tasks of all providers to ensure synchronous activity
  • Project Timeline outlining the scope and schedules required to accomplish the tasks
  • Transportation Summary detailing all aspects of the project upon completion
  • Feasibility studies to determine the most cost effective mode of transportation
  • Bid package preparation, analysis of responses and carrier selection
  • Logistics partner communication to ensure total visibility to project information
  • On-sire total visibility to project information

Project Management

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Your Distribution and Your Supply Chain based in Warren, Michigan

Distribution is an interrelated mechanism of resources, facilities and transportation systems that moves goods from producers to consumers. A distribution network is the system a company uses to get products from the manufacturer to the retailer. A fast and reliable distribution network is essential to a successful business because customers must be able to get products and services when they want them. Now you have your distribution and your supply chain based in Warren, Michigan.

Distribution in Warren MichiganAfter over 25 years of experience, we know that effectively understanding the correlation between distribution and logistics is critical to a company’s bottom line.  In general, logistics refers to the distribution process within the company whereas the supply chain includes multiple companies such as suppliers, manufacturers, and the retailers.

While some companies manage their own logistics, others find it more efficient to outsource processes to specialized contract logistics companies to manage their logistics for them. Your contract logistics company like TVI Logistics becomes a part of your distribution network and a key player in the success of your supply chain.


  1. Does outsourcing logistics functions offer companies competitive advantages?
  1. What sort of logistics functions can a company outsource?
  1. How do contract logistics companies work with my organization?
  1. How can I choose the right contract logistics company for my business?
  1. Doesn’t outsourcing logistics functions add performance risk to our business?


Possible Solutions

  1. Outsourcing logistics is one of the most efficient ways for a company to get the best value for its logistics dollar and increase performance efficiency by staying focused on its core business elements.

Supply chain support in WarrenEXAMPLE:  Billy’s Vacuums, LLC makes household and commercial vacuum cleaners.  Billy’s processes are performed in a small well designed production facility that can produce 1000 units per month.  Billy’s outsources its logistics functions for storage, distribution and order fulfillment to, Vista Logistics, a local Third Party Logistics (3PL) provider.  This makes Billy’s able to focus on making vacuum cleaners, what they do best.

Vista picks up finished products and repair/replacement parts from Billy’s on a weekly basis.  Vista receives the completed vacuum units in sealed point of sale cartons.  The repair/replacement parts are received in parts bins of like items in various counts ranging from 25 to 100 pieces.

The finished vacuums are the packaged by the 3 PL according to shipment requests from retail merchants.  Smaller merchants may request single quantities and larger retailers may request multiple quantities to be sent to multiple store locations and big box stores may request shipments be directed to their distribution center based upon point of sale replacement information.

Repair/replacement parts, such as brushes, vacuum brushes and tools and vacuum belts, are removed from the bins and placed in point of sale packaging, and stored for fulfillment of orders from retailers or consumers as needed.  Some of these orders are for retail stock and some of these orders are for warranty replacement.

Billy’s Vacuums LLC would need to add a lot of cost to their vacuum if they were to perform the 3PL function on their own:

  • Warehouse space for inventory storage
  • Warehouse personnel
  • Order processing and fulfillment services
  • Packaging Department
  • Warranty Claims processing services

These functions are not what Billy’s Vacuums does, they make vacuum cleaners. By outsourcing Billy’s can focus on their core capabilities and not make capital investments in real estate, personnel and services that uses resources that could be better dedicated to improving vacuum cleaner production so that they can maintain or increase their market share. The 3PL that services Billy’s needs is an expert in the supply chain business and can provide these functions below any cost that Billy’s can achieve.  3PL outsourcing is a win-win for Billy’s and Vista

  1. As seen in the example above, some of the supply chain functions that are outsourced to contract logistics firms are:Supply chain support Michigan
  • Storage
  • Staffing
  • Picking
  • Packaging
  • Order Processing
  • Fulfillment
  • Sorting
  • Containment
  • Delivery
  • Shipping

Outsourcing all or some of these supply chain functions may make sense for your business to keep pace with ever changing market trends, transportation regulations and resource costs.

  1. Contract logistics companies should work seamlessly with your company’s internal operating requirements. Contract logistics is a low cost extension of your company’s capability, offering state of the art supply chain solutions that maximize your company’s flexibility and ability to meet customer and market needs.  Contract logistics companies offer just in time logistics solutions that increase efficiency and decrease waste by delivering goods only as needed in the production process and reducing inventory costs to manufacturers.

If your organization is able to accurately forecast demand, then a just in time inventory strategy may be right for you.

  1. Choosing the right contract logistics firm for your business is as simple as understanding your own business and your customers. If you understand the market for your goods, you simply need to match the contract logistics firm to your needs. Not all logistics firms are equal.  Prepare a list of requirements and interview firms to see which offers the best matching capabilities and experience to your needs.  Some items to consider are:
  • Volume of Inventory
  • Volume of Shipments
  • Customer Service Needs
  • Do you require Warranty Management?
  • Reverse Fulfillment (That portion of the supply chain that moves returned foods back from the customer)
  • Disposal of Out of Date Inventory


  1. Risk is always a consideration for any change in business processes. It is important to reduce or eliminate risk through a well thought out design of your supply chain and all of its objectives.

Making the best choice when outsourcing your supply chain needs should 1.  Enhance your company’s performance and 2.  Improve competitiveness in the marketplace and 3. Should measurably improve its bottom line.

If your analysis meets all three of these objectives, risk will not be a consideration.
By having an efficient supply chain and proper logistical procedures, a company can cut costs and increase efficiency. On the other hand, a company with poor logistics will fail to meet customers’ expectations and see its business suffer.

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Successful Businesses Use Third Party Warehousing

By using warehousing to handle the logistics aspect of your business, you can allow your resources to be used to facilitate more business growth instead, while knowing that your product is being properly handled and shipped to your customers. Successful Businesses Use Third Party Warehousing, by putting this priority in the hands of a third party that is specialized in handling it, you can allow your focus to be on the development of your business.

Freeing Up Time and Resources

In order for a business to succeed, there are many different facets that need to be developed. From product development to manufacturing, marketing, distribution, logistics, customer service and more, it can simply overwhelm a business to attempt to handle all of these aspects in-house. By delegating the responsibility of logistics over to a third party, valuable time and resources can then be spent on building more or better products and marketing those to potential customers. Processing orders needs to be a priority, as the product needs to reach a customer as soon as possible.


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What is a Foreign Trade Zones? Benefits & Basics of FTZ

Questions What is a Foreign Trade Zones? Benefits & Basics of FTZ

  1. Why do companies use Foreign Trade Zones?
  2. What are inverted tariffs?
  3. Can import taxes be deferred if I will be re-exporting goods?
  4. If I manufacture in the FTZ will I have to pay duty on waste, scrap or yield loss?
  5. Are there cost benefits to using a FTZ?

Possible Solutions

  1. There are many benefits the Foreign-Trade Zones program can offer manufacturers and processors located in the United States, the main reasons companies use FTZ are:
  • Duty exemption on re-exports
  • Relief from inverted tariffs
  • Duty reductions due to waste, scrap and yield loss
  • Weekly entry savings
  • Duty deferral
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FTZ & Distribution Services in Michigan

Duty Deferral Via The Use of a Foreign Trade Zone -FTZ & Distribution Services in Michigan

A Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) like TVI Logistics is a government designated facility that allows duties & taxes to be deferred until the goods leave the facility. Supervised by U.S. Customs, items can be imported into the zone, and then stored, kitted, assembled or otherwise modified. Then when the goods leave the trade zone, that’s when duties are charged. These zones were set up by the Federal Government to “even the playing field” and offset advantages that some overseas suppliers have in the customs process. A Foreign Trade Zone is a secure area under the supervision of the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (CBP). FTZs are considered to be outside of the Customs territory of the United States for the purposes of payment of duty. Such facilities were created for the purpose of increasing global trade and function under the Foreign- Trade Zones Act of 1934, (FTZ Act) as amended (19 U.S.C. 81a-81u), and the FTZ Board’s regulations (15 C.F.R. 400).


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U.S. Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) #70 in Warren, Michigan

The growing global economy is changing how we produce and sell goods. For many industries, base parts get made in one country, are assembled in another, and sold in yet another. As global trade continues to expand, Foreign-Trade Zones (FTZs) will increase in importance. Continue reading to learn why these special zones were initiated and how your business can save money and really benefit specially by operating within a U.S. Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) #70 in Warren, Michigan throught TVI Logistics.

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Distribution and Supply Chain

Distribution and Supply Chain is an interrelated mechanism of resources, facilities and transportation systems that moves goods from producers to consumers. A distribution network is the system a company uses to get products from the manufacturer to the retailer. A fast and reliable distribution network is essential to a successful business because customers must be able to get products and services when they want them.

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