Right Time, Right Place: The Basics of Air Freight

There is an old saying among planners with military backgrounds – amateurs focus on strategy and tactics, while professionals focus on logistics. Those planners have learned through many years of experience that modern armies don’t function without the supplies and support that let them do their job. In other words, you can have the best strategy in the world along with unbeatable tactics, but if you can’t get food and fuel to the right place at the right time, none of that matters. TVI Logistics Specializes in Logistics, Distribution and Air Freight Services.

If you’re How-Does-Freight-Forwarding-Worka business owner, getting your products to customers is a vital aspect of operating a successful company. Without fast, accurate logistics, you cannot receive materials and supplies from manufacturers and vendors in a timely fashion. This means that delivery of products to your customers can lose momentum or stop altogether. Both of these issues make it almost impossible to grow your business. It really is that simple.

Working with Freight Forwarding Firms

When so much of your business relies on logistics, it makes sense to explore all available options for optimizing that process. One option is the use of freight forwarding. Freight forwarding is especially useful for companies that import and export materials, supplies, or products across international borders.

A freight forwarder is an agent who acts on behalf of your company to organize and manage shipments, whether they are between your company and a supplier, distributor, manufacturer, retail operation, or any combination thereof. Although not required, the freight forwarder typically operates in the country of shipping origin, and they specialize in managing country-specific logistics. They have detailed knowledge of the laws, regulations, best methods for shipping, and an understanding of “how things work” within a particular country.

Freight Forwarding: The Value Proposition

Freight forwarding companies, as mentioned above, typically handle all of the activities related to the shipment logistics, especially international shipping. Some of the services they provide include:

  • Negotiating transportation and shipping costs – The freight forwarder acts on your behalf to find the best deal for transporting your goods and makes arrangements with sub-contractors and sub-agents for transportation services.
  • Navigating customs – Freight forwarders handle customs-related issues as your goods and materials move between countries.
  • Risk assessment and management – Freight forwarders assess and manage risks associated with shipments in-transit and act on your behalf to minimize those risks and other potential liabilities for your company.

Freight forwarders are available in a variety of operational levels and have different capabilities in terms of assisting your overall logistics structure. Some are small operations while others are large companies that operate in many countries. Likewise, some forwarders specialize in logistics management and sub-contract transportation options while other firms are more generalized and perform both management and actual transportation functions. Your specific needs will typically determine which kind of freight forwarder will work best for your company.

Working with TVI Logistics

TVI Logistics has been in business for over 20 years and we specialize in all aspects of logistics and freight forwarding – all the services you need to support your business and reduce your time to market. We live and breathe logistics, and we’re happy to discuss options and strategies for operations or enterprises of any size.

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