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TVI hosts a import/export seminar at Chrysler Headquarters

TVI hosts a import/export seminar at Chrysler Headquarters


This month, the TVI Logistics team had the opportunity to host a seminar teaching automotive suppliers  “How to Reduce Your Total Landed Costs” at the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Headquarters (FCA) located in Aurburn Hills, Michigan.

This hour-long session was lead by our Director of Business Development, Axel Cooley, where she highlighted how TVI can serve to significantly decrease Customs Duties & Fees, Customs clearance time, and inventory costs to improve profitability. A combination of Top Level Purchasing / Supply Chain and Logistics Management team members attended.

If you missed this important workshop, we are more than happy to host a special session at your headquarters for you and your team. Contact the TVI Team at for more information!

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Reliable Freight Forwarding Company In Detroit, MI

When you choose a freight forwarding company you are choosing a business partner who you will hopefully work with successfully for many years to come, a partner who will become an integral part of your operations. With TVI Logistics you find a Reliable Freight Forwarding Company In Detroit, MI. With logistics and supply-chain optimization vital to the success of your business this isn’t an area you can afford to get wrong; the cheapest rates and the lowest logistics costs are not normally desirable if they lead to compromise in other areas.

To help you decide which freight forwarder to use, we’ve established five must-have qualities that if present in your chosen partner are likely to contribute to a long, successful and rewarding business relationship for both parties.

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