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Apps that Have Transformed the Shipping Industry

Having moved way beyond games and messaging, smartphones, tablets, and web-based applications have become major tools and  Apps that Have Transformed the Shipping Industry the way you do business in shipping. Every point along the supply chain makes use of apps to increase productivity, reduce costs, and boost customer service. 

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TVI Logistics, Your Supply Chain Management Company

In a supply chain, which exists to move goods from one point to another, no factor is more important than how goods are physically transported. Because how goods are transported is the most important part of a supply chain, nothing would alter the industry as much as a change in the transportation of goods. Driverless vehicles, specifically, are close to being the next big thing in supply chain management—and there’s historic precedent to believe they will greatly disrupt the industry. That’s why TVI Logistics, Your Supply Chain Management Company, we help companies make an impact.

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Inventory Management and the battle between “Just in Case” vs “Just in Time”

There are two opposing strategies to inventory management – just in case and just in time. Just in time inventory management keeps inventories low while just in case keeps inventories high. Each inventory control system has its place and depends on the requirements of your company.

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